COVID-19 (Corona virus)

Update 24.03.2020

Refund Information 

We provide refunds in full, that is 120€ if you purchased the normal fee and 100€ if you purchased the early bird fee. Based on where your bank account is located, there may be bank transaction fees. These will be deducted from your refund. We do not refund anything other than the conference fee. 

To request your refund you need to send an email to and provide us with your name as stated on your mymun account, your IBAN, BIC and the account name of the recipient. 

We can only accept requests that contain all the above information and are sent from the same email, which your mymun account is registered on. Delegates need to request refunds individually, even if they are part of a delegation. A refund request only counts as confirmed once you have received a reply stating this. 

We will be accepting refund requests until Friday, 10th April 23:59 Maastricht time. After this deadline, no more refunds will be given. We will issue all requested refunds after the passing of this deadline. Please allow some days for the money to arrive.

 Your EuroMUN Team

Update 24.03.2020

Honourable Chairs, dear Delegates,

On March, 23 2020 the Dutch authorities announced further restrictions prohibiting all gatherings, including that of less than 100 people, until June, 1 2020. This further tightens the already existing measures that were set in place until April, 6 2020. From the beginning of this situation the Secretariat has tried to be as responsible, thoughtful and transparent as possible with our decision process. We feel like this is the best way to proceed during such unprecedented times. 

Today we are announcing the official cancelation of EuroMUN 2020. A lot of people have worked very hard to make EuroMUN 2020 happen. We are sad that we will not be able to see the final outcome of all your efforts. We would like to especially thank the chairs for the work and the time they have invested into what surely would have been amazing committees.

The uncertainty surrounding this pandemic will not fade any time soon. We have therefore decided that EuroMUN 2020 will not be postponed to a later time this year. Instead we want to ensure that next year’s secretariat can work as smoothly as possible to ensure a high quality for EuroMUN 2021. 

Within the next two days you will find a dedicated section on our website (link will be added shortly) that will give you further information on our delegate-fee refund procedure. In case you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via email or our social media channels. 

As Secretary General, I am thankful for the amazing journey I had with my team and for all the support and trust we got from our close partners and from our chairs and delegates.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.


Frederic Freitag, Secretary-General and Conference Manager of EuroMUN 2020

Piotrek Sanejko, Deputy Secretary General of EuroMUN 2020

Julian Schneider, Coordinator of Conference Registrations of EuroMUN 2020

Joyce Cobussen, Coordinator of Finance and Fundraising of EuroMUN 2020

Jannik Eiden, Coordinator of Marketing and Communications of EuroMUN 2020

Miruna Dinu, Coordinator of Academics and Committees of EuroMUN 2020

Karen Sturm, Coordinator of Conference Operations of EuroMUN 2020


Update 18.03.2020

Dear Delegates, Observers, Students and Staff,


In the times of Covid-19 we and the rest of the world are faced with a situation which changes constantly, and which makes our task as organizers especially difficult. We, like so many other events and MUNs, are working on hard to ensure that our conference will take place. Over the past 12 years and together with our host, the Maastricht United Nations Student Association (UNSA), EuroMUN has provided a unique MUN experience and we hope that this year will be no exception.


First and foremost, our focus is on ensuring the health and safety of our chairs, delegates and our team. This enduring principle guides us as we closely monitor and assess our response to the situation. Considering the most recent announcements of the WHO and the University of Maastricht, we have postponed all meetings for our 34 people strong team and the work is centralised to the Secretariat.


In the past weeks we have received many questions concerning the status of our conference and we have tried to answer them to our best knowledge. However, the reason why we have not released any further statements is because we do not have a sufficient answer, yet. We continue to stay in close contact with the University of Maastricht and are closely following updates from the Dutch Government and Prime Minister Rutte. In a recent statement the Dutch Government declared that all gatherings of more than 100 people are to be cancelled and that public life is to be held at a minimum . The current measures are set to be in place until the 31 March, however, at this point in time we cannot say if they will be extended and further affect our dates.


We are in close contact with all our suppliers, social- and conference venues. We are considering all options right now and have to evaluate if the conference is to be held in May 2020 or at a later point. This is why we have suspended any further delegate applications.  We understand that those of you who have already paid their fee would like to have more information on refunds and we are working hard on giving an answer as soon as possible.


Your EuroMUN Team

Update 12.03.2020

In connection with the outbreak and spread of the novel Covid-19 (Corona) virus, the EuroMUN organising team would like to inform you from now on regularly about the situation.

We are aware of the situation and continue to monitor the latest developments closely and will if the situation calls for it, take measures and provide particular recommendations for delegates. We are staying in close contact with the  University of Maastricht. Further, we base our decision to continue to host EuroMUN considering the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and RIVM, the Netherlands Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

EuroMUN 2020 is taking place from the 21st to the 24th of May.

The RIVM also offers a Q&A about the outbreak of the coronavirus. We refer you there if you have specific questions about the situation in the Netherlands and personal health.

For all other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us under

We will keep you up to date will all further developments on that matter.