Do you want to improve your negotiation skills? Or did you ever think about attending a Model United Nations but are not sure if it is the right thing for you? Join our One-Day simulation at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. We offer a miniMUN to either practice your negotiation skills or experience a negotiation conference for the first time.-Everyone is welcome here. This One-Day conference is inspired by our EuroMUN 2020 conference on May 21st- 24th and provides you with a similar setting, rules of proceures and international environment. 

Sign up and choose your committee preference. To best match your interests we offer four committees and diverse topics to choose from.

UN Security Council:

The role of peacekeeping Forces in Ongoing conflict

Human Rights Council:

Protecting and promoting the freedom of expression in cyberspace

World Health Organization:

Addressing issues of Mental Health in Areas of Conflict

European Council:

Information systems for borders and security

Sign up now and secure your spot at our miniMUN conference. Each delegation fee is 16 euro and you have to be at least 16 years old on the day of the conference. Be aware, we only have limited spots. To sign up click on the button below and visit the registration platform. Soon after the registration, a document will be send to you to state your committee preference. Ask your friends and fellow students to join and experience a great time debating and negotiating.

*miniMUN is powered by EuroMUN 2020. Nontheless, both conferences are not connected in terms of socials, delegation fee and application procedure. Please treat both conferences separate.