Secretariat 2021

Secretary General

Julian Schneider is the Secretary General and Conference Manager of EuroMUN 2021. After doing a Bachelor of Science in environmental sciences, he is now studying public policy and human development in a Master’s programme at the United Nations University MERIT institute here in Maastricht. This year is his third year at UNSA and his second year on the EuroMUN secretariat. Last year he took over the role of Coordinator of Delegate Registrations at EuroMUN 2020.
As Conference Manager, he is responsible for overseeing and guiding the work of the entire organizing team throughout the year and at the conference. As Secretary General, he also represents the secretariat in the UNSA Board and represents the conference in PR matters, as well as being the last authority in subject matters during the conference days.
He can be contacted under

Deputy Secretary General

Bartosz Roman is this year’s EuroMUN Deputy Secretary-General. He is twenty-two and currently a Master’s student at the European Law School, here in Maastricht. Bartosz has been with UNSA for four years now, during which he has been a general member, an active member for the External Affairs committee as well as an Executive Board member in the past. His MUN experience dates back to 2016. He has been a delegate four times winning three awards, chaired twice, organised his hometown MUN and been a legal advisor at as well as the host of EuroMUN 2019.

Bartosz does not have a team of his own other than the Secretariat. He works closely with the Secretary General and the USGs. He will also be in touch with the teams to assist them throughout the year. Additionally, he is responsible for overseeing the contracts and, alongside the Secretary-General and the USG for Finance & Fundraising, EuroMUN’s financial feasibility. He can be contacted under

Under Secretary General Academics

Maria Elena Tsitsiloni is this year’s Under Secretary General Academics for EuroMUN 2021. She was born and raised in the Hague, Netherlands however she is originally from Athens, Greece. Seven years ago she experienced MUN for the first time and has since taken part in over ten conferences. Currently, she is studying European Studies at Maastricht University where she has been part of the United Nations Student Association for two years, previously being apart of the Academics Team for EuroMUN and the UNSA’s Permanent Delegation.

Her team is responsible for the preparation of all content related materials for the conference including topic and chair selection. Feel free to contact her with any questions at

Under Secretary General Finance & Fundraising

Milena Bräutigam is this edition’s Under Secretary General for Finance and Fundraising at EuroMUN. She is twenty years old, German, and in her final year of her Economics degree at Maastricht University. Milena has already been a member of the UNSA last year, training for MUN conferences in the Permanent Delegation committee. 

Her team and her are responsible for tracking the Finances of EuroMUN as well as finding sponsors for the conference. For any questions regarding Finance & Fundraising, email her at

Under Secretary General Registrations

Anna Lehnert will serve as this year’s Under Secretary General of Registrations for EuroMUN 2021. The twenty-one year old German who partly grew up in Turkey and Belgium is in her 3rd year of European Law School at Maastricht University. This will be her second year in both UNSA and EuroMUN having previously been a team member of the Registrations Team for EuroMUN 2020.

Her team is responsible for all delegates, which includes running the info email and the helpdesk, as well as the application and allocation procedure. For any questions regarding the Registrations Team, email her at

Under Secretary General Logistics

Catalina Schlienger is this year’s USG Logistics for EuroMUN. Catalina, who is twenty-one years old, was born in Alicante (Spain), however, her parents are German and French. In 2017 she moved to the Netherlands to study at the University College Maastricht, where she focuses on Migration and Development Studies. Having been involved in a couple of MUNs during high school, she wanted to gain more experience with organising MUNs and so joined UNSA and the EuroMUN team in 2020.

The Logistics Team ensures the smooth running of the conference which means that it manages the day-to-day usage of materials, is responsible for the booking of the caterers and conference venues, as well as for the technological infrastructure of the conference. For any questions regarding Logistics, please email Catalina at

Under Secretary General Socials

Charlotte Heinrich is this year’s Under Secretary General of Socials. The twenty-three year old German is currently doing her Master in European Public Law after graduating from her BA in European Studies at Maastricht University. After joining UNSA in 2018, she quickly became involved with the EuroMUN Logistics Team and successfully organised EuroMUN 2019. The year after, she joined the Conference Operations Team and managed to be an active member even though she was on her semester abroad in Estonia. Even with little MUN experience, she managed to win an award during her first, and so far, only, conference.

Her team is responsible for organising the social events of the conference which take place during the evenings. For any questions regarding Socials feel free to contact her at

Under Secretary General Marketing & Communications

Jane Hilgert is this edition’s USG Marketing & Communications for EuroMUN. The twenty-one year old Filipina German is in her second year of European Law School at Maastricht University. She is also in her second year of UNSA and previously worked as CoHead of the Marketing and Communications Committee. Since joining the world of MUN in 2017, she has been a delegate at six conferences winning three awards, chaired twice and organized a one day MUN simulation.

Her team is responsible for the content creation of EuroMUN’s social media presence, maintaining our website as well as our promotional partnerships with fellow conferences. For any questions regarding Marketing, email Jane at