In the last 12 years, EuroMUN has been a vibrant conference, bringing delegates from all around the world together to debate recent political topics in Maastricht. Organising a conference for hundreds of people, while keeping close contact with our partner conferences and sponsors is no easy task. That is why we are looking for enthusiastic and skilled students that want to gain experience in team leading. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of the Secretariat of EuroMUN 2021, then we are looking forward to receiving your applications. The positions of the secretariat require hard work and commitment, which already begins at the end of June. The following are the positions to be filled in the Secretariat.

General Requirements

  • You are enrolled in a bachelor or master degree program in Maastricht. The field of study is not crucial. 
  • Experience in team management/leadership. 
  • Excellent communication skills (internally and externally). 
  • A curious, proactive, problem-solving, result-oriented individual. 
  • The ability to rapidly acquire the understanding of MUN technicalities.  
  • The ability to set up a team, come up with own methods to continuously improve the performance of your team. 
  • Respect and a healthy appreciation for deadlines. 
  • Willingness and ability to attend at least one MUN conference around Europe throughout the year.


  • A challenging work opportunity in a highly motivated and international working environment. 
  • The opportunity to develop expertise in a particular area, interpersonal skills, and foster creativity.  
  • An encouraging environment for independence, personal responsibility and refining of decision-making capabilities. 
  • Gaining managing experience prior to the commencement of the professional career. 
  • We are not all work, so fun is guaranteed throughout the year with various team events and activities awaiting!  

Secretariat Positions

Deputy Secretary General

The DSG will be the right hand of the Secretary-General in advising, assisting, and executing the agreed plan throughout the year. It requires flexibility in operations; this means the person has to be able to maintain the overview of the team’s operations in general but also jump straight into committee work and support other Coordinators when necessary. Therefore, we are looking for a strong and determined leading character.

Under Secretary General of Finance and Fundraising

The USG of Finance will work closely with the Secretary-General on making sure EuroMUN is financially viable. The Coordinator needs to prepare essential financial applications to ensure that EuroMUN has the necessary funds to excel as a conference, during the summer. While dealing with the funds, the Coordinator will also keep a close eye on all of the conference’s financial transactions. The position especially requires knowledge in financial planning.

Under Secretary General of Academics and Committees

The USG of Academics is responsible for the preparation of all conference materials concerning the content of the debates of EuroMUN. This position entails interviewing and selecting chairs and coordination of committees during the conference. Moreover, the USG of Academics will oversee the Legal Service Department and all committee chairs. The position further entails: 

  • Organising the Topic selection 
  • Rules of Procedure 
  • Assisting with study guides 
  • Managing the content team and chairs  
  • Training legal advisors  
  • Organise press coverage for the conference 
  • The creation of the Delegate and Head delegate´s guides

Under Secretary General of Socials

The USG of Socials is responsible for the EuroMUN social programme, which includes three separate diverse social events in the evening of the conference days. The position requires excellent financial and management skills and the creativity to plan unforgettable evenings for our guests and execute this plan to perfection. Previous experience in event organization is required.

Under Secretary General of Registrations and Logistics

The USG of Registrations will be responsible for all delegate registrations and payment procedures. This position will allocate all delegates to countries and committees. Furthermore, this position entails managing all communications between the delegates and EuroMUN staff, including overseeing the registration desk during the conference. Besides, this USG will manage the day-to-day usage of materials and the conference facilities. This includes technological infrastructure during the event, ensuring the smooth running of the conference and organising food and drinks. Being well organized is key to this position.

Under Secretary General of Marketing and Communications

A marketing plan must be crafted before the end of the summer together with the Secretary-General. This position not only requires motivation and dedication to EuroMUN. Additionally, the USG of Marketing is required to: 

  • Implement and maintain a marketing campaign for EuroMUN  
  • Create content for social media channels  
  • Produce creative, grasping and exiting media content.  
  • Manage the EuroMUN brand 
  • Communicate with partner conferences in order to promote mutual marketing 

Have knowledge in either WordPress, video editing, graphic design, or social media strategy

The application form can be found here: