Secretary General

Job Description

Your personal drive and enthusiasm makes you stand out from the crowd? You think you can organise a conference with 400+ participants?

We are looking for a passionate, versatile and curious Secretary-General and Conference Manager that will organise the European Model United Nations Conference in 2021.

Secretary-Generals / Conference Managers have a wide range of responsibilities, from liaising with venues like the University to participating in partner conferences. The managerial aspect includes overseeing different strings of work, ensuring an efficient and productive work environment for your secretariat and their respective teams. They initiate the vision for the upcoming conference and provide the framework and resources the organising team needs to do their jobs.

Because of all these duties, they must possess the operational and administrative abilities to basically run a non-profit company for a year. It is not required to be an expert in every field a conference consists of but rather have a broad understanding of everything that is happening.

Key Responsibilities

Organising: Sec-Gens need to juggle many tasks, like organizing meetings and planning in-Maastricht or off-site activities. Strong organizational skills are critical for completing all these tasks properly. In the end you will be responsible for 30+ staff and over 400 participants during the conference.

Communicating: Sec-Gens must be excellent communicators as they must liaise with staff, suppliers, clients and sponsors. Both verbal and written eloquence are important and the ability to build a framework helps Sec-Gens work more effectively.

Problem solving: Sec-Gens will face several unforeseen issues during the day. It is important that they can think quick without panicking and find the most mutually satisfying solution.

Time managing: Sec-Gens need to arrange their private-, university-, and working life to come through the year. For these reasons, they should be able to plan their day and schedule their to-do list properly.

Software using: Sec-Gens use a wide range of software to complete important duties. Microsoft Teams is one example. Furthermore, managing the budget and creating presentations are daily duties.

Your Qualifications

You possess the BASIC QUALIFICATIONS and have:

  • Excellent analytical skills, preferably with advanced level in Excel.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Problem solving mindset, proactive issue resolution skills and ability to manage multiple priorities.
  • You are currently studying in Maastricht.


  • Ability to work successfully in a fast-moving environment, to meet tight deadlines and prioritize workload even when faced with conflicting priorities.
  • Previous work experience – a summer job, internship or student association; anything that relates to this field is a plus.

How to apply

Via this form:

On a rolling basis, candidates will be invited to an assessment followed by an interview.

The final deadline for submission is Monday, 27nd at 11:59.

Interview + Assessment are scheduled between 28.04 – 01.05.

Final Decision:  03.05.2020.

We are looking forward to read your application.