EuroMUN 2020 is going to kickoff with the Battle of Committees. Imagine the Hunger Games meet Jeopardy as a game show. Select a team from your committee who will represent you in multiple rounds. The questions and categories will vary from fun questions on TV and movies, to testing the depth of your historical and political knowledge. So make sure you brush up on your trivia skills!

The second night will be held in Maastricht’s famous Complex club. This night is all about black light magic and neon colours. EuroMUN’s FullMUN Party will make you dance like there is no tomorrow! Make some space on your instagram because you’ll definitely want to get those pics with amazing neon body and face paint. So make sure you don’t forget your white T-Shirts!

At EuroMUN we take the phrase “work hard, play hard” very serious.  We want to reward your hard work with a glamorous night. This is your moment! Enjoy your last night in Maastricht while wearing your most fancy tux or dress and celebrating your achievements at EuroMUN 2020!