EuroMUN is hosted by, and organized under the supervision and on behalf of the United Nations Student Association (UNSA) Maastricht.


The above will hopefully help to visualize how EuroMUN, UNSA, the Secretariat and the EuroMUN committees, interact. UNSA Maastricht, being the most inter-facular and inter-cultural student association in Maastricht University, serves to bring the UN spirit to the students. One of UNSA’s big partners is the United Nations University in Maastricht. UNSA was founded in 2006 and, as of today, it has over 300 general members, including 120 actives, with an ultimate outreach to 5 000 people. It is the most important platform for students with an international profile to exchange ideas and prospective, and ultimately make a difference. Its seven committees (EuroMUN among them) provide a forum for members to take insight in international policy and to take responsibility whilst staying in touch with the social reality of Maastricht.